February 4, 2011

1/2 Bath: I'm On Board!

We're heading into the weekend, and I'm just sure that the first thing on your mind is "Will the Yonke's 1/2 bath be finished by their Saturday night deadline?" ...


That's not what you were thinking?

Oh... well, let me give you an update to ease MY mind! The bathroom will be FUNCTIONAL for our Super Bowl party on Sunday! Yay!

What does that mean? Well, it will be put together enough to use, but the decorating details will have to follow after the party. So, here is an update to what is going on.

Now that the tile is down, we have moved into the wall-finishing and painting phase of the bathroom. This has to be complete to install the new sink and put the old toilet back in place.

Here is a quick glance at our color scheme. You can see the "wood" tile we laid down the other night. And then we're using a gray and white color scheme. (As you may already know, I LOVE GRAY. It's the new black. I just made that up.) Although I am considering throwing in an accent color when I get to the decorating part. We'll see...

As you might be able to tell in the picture above (if you squint really hard), we're using a color from Lowe's Eddie Bauer paint collection called "Woodsmoke". Although, we actually had the paint mixed at Menard's (they color match) for much cheaper.

And so, the gray painting started to take shape earlier this week. Once the paint was applied, we noticed quite a few imperfections in the walls/ceilings. Joey then had to re-spackle the dents/tiny bubble holes/crevices, re-sand, and later re-paint. Thankfully, it's a small space.

And YES - we are painting the bathroom ceiling too! We're crazy like that! But we have good reason to paint the ceiling...

...here you can see we only took the gray paint about 1/3 of the way down the wall. So, having the upper wall and ceiling all one color will (hopefully) lend to a uniform and taller looking space.

The painting of window/door trim has just barely begun also - as seen in the middle picture above.

And what are we doing on the bottom 2/3 of these messy walls? Well, we're adding beadboard! Joey purchased this from Lowe's. We chose a wide-planked beadboard rather than the standard beadboard you tend to see (like what we used on our porch).

Joey added glue to the back of the boards for extra security and then a nail gun to keep them in place.

The beadboard has grooves on each end to be able to snap the next section of board into place. It all fits together so nicely! Some caulking will be needed in the corners though.

Here is a progression of beadboard as it covers up the awful looking wall underneath. Which each step it looked better and better...

...and the window and opposite wall - just for good measure!

What a difference the beadboard makes!

Trim is next to go up - including baseboard, crown, and chair rail along the top of the beadboard.

The beadboard will all be painted a nice glossy white to match the trim (hopefully tonight). This will balance out all the gray color on the upper walls and ceiling.

I will post more pictures on the progress ASAP! I'm getting so excited about this bathroom! Stay tuned. Pin It

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