February 1, 2011

Welcome, Mr. Barrington

For a while now, Joey and I have been wanting to purchase a new sectional sofa for our living room. We knew a sectional would provide the most amount of seating while taking up the least amount of space - which is why we wanted this style sofa in particular. I even had this in mind when we bought the house last year. I just new a sectional would fit the living room well.

So, we decided to take advantage of some New Year's sales, and we found this new sofa on sale - 50% off and decided to order it in time for our Super Bowl party this Sunday. We ordered it the second week of January, and shipping time was an estimated 4-6 weeks. Thankfully, it came in 4 weeks, not 6 (that would have been cutting it close).

The new sofa was purchased online from JCPenney. It is called the Barrington 2-piece sectional in the color brown. The sofa is not available to purchase in stores - only online. This was slightly scary - not being able to see the sofa in person, sit on it, feel it, etc... But it got such rave reviews online and was definitely the most affordable sectional we could find, that we couldn't resist trying it (and there was a 7-day return policy in case we disliked it for any reason).

Before showing you our new friend, Mr. Barrington, here is snapshot of the old sofa. Joey's parents were gracious enough to give us this sofa several years ago and it has served us well. We plan to hang on to this sofa for use in another room or possibly in the basement. But as you can see, it didn't provide a lot of seating. And arranging other furniture in the room was difficult since the room isn't very wide.

And check out all the electrical cords and things poking out on the outlets on the side wall. Not very pretty.

And here is Mr. Barrington, all set up in the corner of the living room. We love him. Spike loves him too - as he immediately hopped up, gave him a good feel with his paws, and curled up into a ball and purrrrred.

If you remember this area rug we purchased a couple weeks ago, you'll be happy to know Mr. B matches the brown in the rug perfectly. And that brown pillow on the little tan recliner is also from JCP - my mom purchased it for me a few weeks back also. Another perfect match.

Here's a shot from the den looking into the living room. You can see the brown sofa stands out so nicely against the sage green walls. And it provides perfect sights for TV/Movie watching.

It's definitely not a fancy sofa. But we're not fancy people. I wanted something that was fairly clean lined, but also very comfy and durable. This sofa is both. The micro-fiber fabric should wear well and is supposedly stain-resistant (time will tell) and the brown color should help hide dirt.

So, in the end, we're happy. And Spike's happy. If only we could spend the quality time with Mr. Barrington that Spike enjoys on a daily basis...

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