February 7, 2011

1/2 Bath: Transformation (Almost) Completed

We did it. We got the bathroom (mostly) completed by Super Bowl Sunday for our big party! Yay! There's just a little painting still needed (trim and cutting in at the ceiling) and then all the decor needs to be added. I'll share that with you as soon as it happens. But in the meantime, here are some pictures of the last few details coming together for the bathroom to be functional for the big day!

We left off the last post with the beadboard going up on the walls and the gray paint partially done. It looked something and like this...

Well, since then, Joey was able to top it off with trim - including the baseboards along the floor (still can't believe that the floor is TILE and not hardwood)...

...crown molding (you can see we need to cut in gray around the crown)...

...and chair rail that runs along the top of the beadboard. Joey had to notch out the back of the chair rail to get it snug against the wall.

And then once Joey had all the nail holes filled, I rolled a coat of glossy white paint over the beadboard and trim to make it looked truly finished.

I also rolled a coat of white paint over the window/door trim and bathroom door, but that still needs 1-2 more coats before it's finished.

Once the coat of paint had dried on the walls, Joey could finally install the bathroom fixtures, including the sink, toilet, light fixture, and mirror.

The toilet was the first to be put in place. Since it is 80+ years old, it was a little tricky getting all the plumbing reconnected. There was a little leakage at first that Joey fixed by putting plumber's paste around the threads of the pipes to seal it in...

We decided to purchase a pedestal sink for the bathroom - mostly due to space constraints. The pedestal sink leaves the space feeling open and larger since you can see more of the floor. I selected a sink with a square design to fit our "square" theme in the room. The sink was purchased from Lowe's and came in 2 parts - the base and the sink basin.

Joey hooked up the faucet to the sink basin before installing it. The delta faucet was also purchased at Lowe's. It has a chrome finish to match the light fixture and other metal details of the room.

Then Joey hooked up the base of the sink and attached the basin to the top.

The finished product is beautiful. I love this sink.

Even the pedestal base has a square shape to it...

The light fixture was then attached to the wall above the sink. The glass globes are square as well as the light base being square. And the metal is polished chrome...

The mirror was also purchased at Lowe's (only $30). The square frame has nice detail and the mirror has a beveled edge. Joey cut the chair rail for the mirror to squeeze in perfectly.

The fine details were add last. I purchased a toilet paper holder and towel bar from Lowe's. Again, they each have a polished chrome finish and a square shape...

The white plate covers went over our new lightswitch (one switch for the light and one for the vent fan) and new outlet.

So, this bathroom is coming together. What a great finished product. I love it all.

As the painting gets completed and the decorating done, I'll post more pictures. But boy am I glad we got this far. BIG change!


Edit: This project has been entered in The CSI Project: Molding Challenge!

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