February 22, 2011

Master Closet Help

We have 2 (!) small-ish walk-in-closets in our Master Bedroom. Shocking for a house built in 1928, but one of the many bonuses I loved about this house when we bought it.

Prior to moving into the house, we painted the closet walls and ceilings the same color as our master bedroom. It helps them blend in as if part of the room, and they look more interesting with color rather than plain white. Both closets are long and lean (aka narrow). Here they are all nice and empty (and yes, each closet has its own window - our house has 5 million windows - no exaggeration)...

The first closet on the left is the used for hanging clothes and storing shoes. It could use a few hooks to hang belts and things like that, but otherwise is pretty functional as is.

The second closet on the right has become the "extra dumping ground" for random leftovers that don't fit anywhere else in the room, and I'm ashamed to say now looks something like this...

This narrow closet consists of the following:

  • A little built-in desk (with a 50's pink laminate top) full of junk - like my old college textbooks, bed risers, and a CD/Cassette Player
  • An old dresser (covered in dust) that holds some of Joey's mismatched items - like long-johns and old T-shirts
  • 2 dusty bookcases holding stacks of games, old VHS movies, my hodgepodge of jewelry and lotion/perfume, and 2 bins of socks
  • The floor is also covered in leftover items - like boxes, bags, and picture frames

I can't stand the pain of opening this closet door anymore. It needs help. And while we do have some long-term plans for the closet down the road, for now, it needs to be much more user-friendly. And I plan to improve it's condition by this weekend.

This closet needs organization, cleaning, and proper storage set-up. It could use a little decor too - new light fixture and a curtain (not sure if I'll get to that or not). And I need to weed through items that need to be tossed/donated. If you have ideas on what to do with that mini-desk, please share. We would never actually use it as desk. So, it needs to become something else.

Here are a couple of inspiration pictures to get us motivated...

{by Censational Girl}

{by Honey We're Home}

{by T. Ingram Interiors}

Anyone else in need a mini-closet-makeover? I feel your pain!

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