February 3, 2011

1/2 Bath: I'm Floored!

The bathroom project is coming right along. Joey's been hard at work just about every evening this week to ensure the bathroom is semi-functional by Sunday.

This past Sunday evening Joey had a little help from his dad laying the new tile down on the floor. And then he was able to grout it last night. It looks fabulous.

As a reminder, we purchased the tile online from the Tile Shop. It's a 4X24 inch tile that is made to look like hardwood flooring. The name of the tile is Hickory Vintage. Our kitchen floor is hardwood made from hickory, and the this tile floor matches the hardwood in the kitchen beautifully.

Here is a quick peak at the transition from the original basket-weave tile to the durock Joey laid as a foundation to the new tile all set in place.

It's a different look than the original tile, but I'm confident it will still fit in with this old house nicely.

We wanted very little space between the tile - to make it look like hardwood - so, Joey used 1/16th inch spacers (the smallest you can find). They also staggered the tile the way hardwood floor planks would be staggered.

The tile had to sit for a day or so to dry.

Then Joey rubbed the grout all over the tile - making sure to get in all the grooves.

Looks nice and messy...

Then he was able to wipe it all clean.

And the floor went from this...

to this...

I love the color variation in the tile - just like real hardwood.

Now that the tile's down, we can move on to finishing the walls. Joey's actually working on that today since we're stranded at home again from this blizzard. I should have some pictures for you tomorrow! Pin It

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