May 20, 2011

Houzz Inspiration: Another Great Resource

Has anyone else checked out the Houzz website?

This site is just loaded with oodles and oodles of inspiring home photos (around 130,000 photos as seen above). The site allows you to create what they call Ideabooks to save your favorite pictures. I did not create Ideabooks through this because I use Pinterest for saving my inspiriation, but I'm sure this would work well too.

The site allows you to search through the photos in 4 ways:

  1. By Style (Asian, Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic etc)
  2. By Space (Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room etc)
  3. By Metro (Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle etc)
  4. General Search bar to type any home/design-related term you want to research
I found that most of the photos I love are in the Traditional category - like this beautiful kitchen.

2009 Showcase Home on Park Alley traditional kitchen

Once you select a photo view, the site is set up with all kinds of information about the photo. When you scroll your mouse over the photo, green tags appear...

...and each green tag provides information about the product in the room. So, if I scroll over the green tag on the light fixture, it tells me the details...

Below the photo are listed several different actions you can take regarding the photo, including adding the photo to your ideabook (I just pin it onto my Pinterest boards), email the photo to yourself, or ask a question about the photo...

Below the photo is a place to leave comments or ask questions. And guess what? You actually receive answers to your questions from the owner of the photo!

To the side of the webpage, is a list of all the photos from the house where this kitchen photo was taken...

It includes other angles and more detailed shots of this kitchen I love so much. Here are the many things I love just about the sink area...

So, what do you think? Pretty great resource tool for home design lovers, right?

Check out Houzz for yourself by clicking HERE! Pin It

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