May 23, 2011

Houzz It Going?

Welcome to Monday! I had a great weekend, and I hope that you did too!

As a little follow up from my post on Friday (see here), I wanted to share with you 3 other pictures I found on Houzz's website that I love. For each picture, I included 6 reasons why I love the room that's being photographed. Enjoy!

Picture #1: Home Office/Craft Space

1. White Floating Shelves: They make the space feel very airy, but still provide a place to store items in baskets, canisters, and jars. It creates more interest in the room to break up a row of cabinets using shelves.
2. Farmhouse Sink with legs: Not only is this sink beautiful, but what a great addition to a craft room. Very practical for washing hands or watering flower arrangements as shown above.
3. White Cabinets with Marble Countertops: So simple, classic, and clean looking! I don't think I will ever grown tired of this look. If you wanted a little more color in the space, you could paint the cabinets gray or a smoky blue. That would be fun!
4. Marble tiled floor: This floor coordinates with the marble countertops, and the variety of color in the marble adds texture and warmth to the space.
5. Area Rug: Given that a tile floor can be a bit hard and cold on the feet, an area rug is great for adding a bit of warmth and comfort.
6. Painted Stenciled Wall: I love the contrasting dark gray color compared to the white walls around it. The stencil adds a pretty pattern to the room.

Picture #2: Family Room/Game Room

1. Rustic Wood Beams: The first thing I noticed in this space were the beams. They do a great job of outlining 3 distinct areas of the room (game table, pool table, living room). The rich color of the wood beams (in addition to the wood floor) warm up an otherwise mostly white space.
2. Table area for Board/Card Games: This is such an intimate little area. I love that a few people can gather around this table for a game while other people may be mingling in the rest of the room. Note that the small area rug on the floor also helps to define it as a separate space.
3. Pool Table area: I love playing pool. I would love a beautiful wooden pool table like this. Amen.
4. Living Room area: This is another distinct area of the room, but I like that the TV is still visible over the couch for viewing in the game and pool areas. It keeps everyone in the room connected while watching a football game or a movie.
5. Rustic Wood Door: I think this door is so charming. It looks handmade. Again the rich wood tones stand out nicely against the white walls.
6. Board and Batten Walls: I'm convinced that it doesn't really matter what color you paint your walls, as long as you have some type of wood molding or wainscoting on them (like board and batten), they will look beautiful. Even the color white does the trick in this room.

Picture #3: Little Girl Bedroom

1. Honey Bee Wallpaper: While I have vowed never to use wallpaper in my house (due to the nightmare-ish experience of removing so much of it), I can't help but love the vintage feel of this wallpaper pattern for a child's room. It's so charming.
2. Clip-ring Curtains: I like that these curtains only extend to the bottom of the window rather than the going down to floor. This gives them a child-size proportion to the space. It also allows more room for furniture along the walls.
3. Cozy Bed: This upholstered day bed looks perfectly tailored for this room. By having it hugged up against the corner of the room, it creates the perfect nook for reading and sleeping.
4. Area Rug: The woven fabric also has a warm old-fashioned feel and pattern to something you would see in an old farmhouse.
5. Twig Lamp: This lamp has such great character and brings a child's imagination to life. It fits into the honey bee nature theme too.
6. Nightstand and Chair: Both are made using a dark wood stain that stands in contrast to the white and yellows around them. They also reflect nature being left in their natural state rather than being painted.

I continue to enjoy exploring the thousands of pictures on Houzz's website. Although, it appears they do not want their photos to be pinned on Pinterest (boo). I'm guessing that's because they want you to use their own Ideabooks. One way around that is to link out to the original website the picture came from and pin it from there instead (my tricky mind finds ways around most obstacles)! Happy Houzz browsing!

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