May 13, 2011

A Letter of Complaint

Dear Google Blog Master,
I am very unhappy with you right now. On Thursday, at approximately 2pm, I was in the middle of writing a lovely new blog post for my family and friends, when all of the sudden an error message popped up saying that Blogger was being shut down due to maintenance, but should be back up and running "shortly".

I don't know what "shortly" means to you, but it certainly doesn't mean 24+ hours to me! If you are going to shut down Blogger for 24+ hours, I believe a significant warning should be given to your bloggers so they can prepare in advance and not LOSE EVERYTHING they had written at the point of said shut down.

In addition, I do not find messages like this... be helpful or informative. I visited the "Blogger Status" link which merely told me blogger would be up and running "soon". Again, I don't think "soon" means more than 24 hours later!!!

In the event that you attempt to do maintenance like this again any time soon, please adjust your standard operating procedures to include notifying your blogging population IN ADVANCE.

Thank you for your lack of consideration in this matter.

~Katie Pin It

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