May 26, 2011

King Me!

No, I'm not talking about checkers.

When we were first married, Joey built me a king-sized headboard for our master bedroom. At first it was painted black, but a year or so ago, it was painted white. It looks like this...

The reason we needed a (mostly free) king-sized headboard is because one of the first items we bought with our wedding dough was a brand spankin' new pillow-top king-sized mattress set. And let me tell you it's the most comfortable mattress set on earth...just ask my mom (but don't ask why my mom knows the comfort level of our mattress set).

Joey and I will be married 7 years in July. That tells you just about how long we've owned this king-sized bed and headboard...yes, almost 7 years.

Guess what I haven't owned in these 7 years?


Did you know these exist? Yes, they do. In fact, most of the king-sized sheet sets we received as wedding gifts came with king-sized pillowcases. But since we only had regular-sized pillows, these extra large pillowcases just flopped over the edge of the pillows and most of the time got tucked back behind the pillow. It's all kind of sloppy looking.

And since I'm an avid bed-maker, I quickly noticed that it takes 3 regular-sized pillows to stretch across the width of the king-sized bed. It just doesn't look right.

So, I was in Bed, Bath, & Beyond the other day (with a 20% off coupon), when I spotted some lovely on-sale king-sized pillows. A light bulb went off, and I bought them. Total impulse purchase, except that it had been nearly 7 years in waiting anyway. The king-sized pillows cost something like $18 each.

I wasn't overly concerned about the comfort level of these pillows as they would not be our "sleeping" pillows. They're decoration on the bed (most men - and some women - don't get the need for decorative pillows, but I'm telling ya it's a necessity).

Eventually, when I buy all new bedding, I will get purdy king-sized pillow shams to go on these pillows, but for now, they got (also new) chocolate brown pillowcases (sorry mom, I didn't iron them first).

Notice how 2 pillows now cover the width of the mattress (the headboard is a little wider then the mattress)?

And why the chocolate brown color, you ask? Well, these are the three reasons I quickly came up with during this impulse purchase... #1 - I wanted a high-contrast color against the white headboard. #2 - The new matchstick roman shades in the window along with the baskets in the nightstands are a chocolate brown color and I felt the need to add this color to other places of the room. #3 - I like the warmth and richness yet neutrality of the color. It sort of grounds the other pillows on the bed.

Speaking of other pillows, I threw my long body pillow on the bed after the new brown ones. Luckily the green pillowcase that has been on this for a couple years blends right in with our new green/pumpkin/brown/tan/white color scheme. Lastly, I added the 3 decorative pillows my mom made when she helped make the bedroom curtains.

Nice and tidy, right?

The only problem is that there are no "sleeping pillows" on the bed in these shots.

That's because there are actually 3 other regular-sized pillows (I didn't include them in the picture above) that we use for sleeping. I will eventually purchase 2 more king-sized pillow to replace these, but I want to be sure to get really comfy pillows that are just right for each of us (Joey likes his pillows pretty flat and I like them a bit puffier). So, those will come sometime soon.

In the meantime, I hide the 3 wrong-sized pillows behind the king-sized brown ones, using white pillowcases to help them blend in with the headboard...

...not even Spike notices them!

Hey, you gotta do what works for now, right?! Pin It

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