May 16, 2011

DIY Art: Sing to Hymn

I'm back!

After a multiple day blogging hiatus thanks to Blogger's down-time + lack of personal time, I'm back with what will hopefully be a week full of new posts! I've got a few updates to share with you around the homestead and a few other odds and ends of things to take up your precious time.

By the way, thanks for giving me your time! It's appreciated!

The first thing I wanted to share with you this week is a follow up to a project I had written about 2 weeks ago, where I mentioned I was working on hanging some pictures/art /stuff on the walls around the house.

I shared the results of some living room hangings last Tuesday (click HERE for those details), but this weekend I added a few new items to the walls of our den (which is right off of the living room). I actually started this project waaay back on April 22nd. I even teased you with this post about it.

Here is a reminder of what I was starting with. Three of the four walls of the den are filled with windows. The wall space above the piano is the one open wall area where I can really hang anything substantial. I hung this pineapple art several months ago as a filler until I decided what I wanted to do with the space.

As you can see, this one item doesn't exactly fill in the wall space. So, I removed it.

Since this room houses our piano and Joey's guitar, it serves as kind of our "music room". So, I used that theme as inspiration for the DIY artwork in the space. Here is what the wall looks like after some rearranging. Doesn't the wall space look a bit more full now compared to that picture above?

There were 5 items that I hung on the wall. The little pineapple canvas in the center I already owned. Even though I'm kind of moving away from that look, I still love this little canvas. And the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality, which I also like. So, I figured I'd use what I had on hand. The "FAITH" letters at the top were purchased at Hobby Lobby (50% off) for $14. The 3 brown picture frames I already owned, and I inserted some DIY hymn art, which was free. So, this was an inexpensive project.

Each picture frame is different. It gives the space a little more interest. Inside each frame, I inserted a copied page from our old hymnbook. I would love to be able to show some old/antique hymn pages eventually, but since I didn't want to tear the pages out of our hymnbook, I opted for copying the pages on a copy machine.

The 3 hymns I chose were all written by Charles Wesley (by coincidence). The first hymn talks about the birth of Christ - Love Divine All Loves Excelling, the second hymn about the death of Christ - Arise My Soul Arise (we sing a newer version of this song at our church and I love it), and the third about the resurrection of Christ - Christ the Lord is Risen Today.

The word "FAITH" above these songs speaks to the fact that Joey and I have both placed our faith in Jesus Christ, our only Savior.

Well, I've got one more wall down and 26 to go (or something like that). Some bedroom wall art is coming your way soon! Pin It

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