May 17, 2011

It's Tuesday Morning

Let's start today with a vocabulary lesson - using a word that comes to mind often: TEMPTATION.


1. the act of tempting; enticement or allurement.
2. something that tempts, entices, or allures.
3. the fact or state of being tempted, especially to evil.

Synonyms: lure, attraction, pull, seduction, inducement

Quote: "I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it." ~Mae West

That's exactly how I felt on Saturday. You see, my friend, Chelsea, recommended that I check out a store she had visited recently called Tuesday Morning. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Chelsea explained to me that this store was similar to Marshall's and T.J.Maxx, but perhaps even better. I immediately requested that she go with me on Saturday to check it out. I will admit that about 3 steps into the store, temptation hit me. Hard.

One thing I immediately like about the place was that about 10% of its merchandise consisted of discounted clothes and the other 90% was discounted home goods. I heart home goods. We walked the store up and down, aisle by aisle, and I enjoyed all 2 hours of it. I picked out hundreds of dollars worth of items that I wanted, but in the end was able to walk away spending about $50.

Here's peek at the store. A small peek. Only a teeny bit of what I loved. And check out some of the discounts!

The first aisle had bedding - comforters, duvet covers, sheet sets, pillowcases etc. and included in the mix of brands were some high end bedding selections from the brand Waterford. Very pretty. Very pricey.

Below is a Waterford comforter. Check out the price tag. This normally costs $926 (!!!), but it is on sale for $199. That's a 78% discount. And that was a typical discount % on most bedding (even the cheaper brands).

The first item I really loved was this sweater knit throw. It was so thick, heavy, soft, warm, heavenly. There were several on this rack I would have been more than happy to take home. I could use these on the couch in the winter time.

The price made this a tempting purchase...normally $80, but it was on sale for $30.

The next aisle over was full of towels and bath products of all sorts of brands and colors. We have been using our same bath towels for 7 years now, and while they've held up pretty well, it's been a thought that we could replace a few of them, especially since we have a new bathroom color scheme and the old towels don't fit in very well.

I ended up purchasing 4 new bath towels in the color Celadon. They were originally $19.99 each, but I paid $7.99 a piece. That's a 60% discount! I got them home and they matched that bathroom colors I'm using perfectly.

The next aisle over had all kinds of scrapbooking, craft, and office supplies. I recognized that a lot of them came from Hobby Lobby (based on the brand) and were sold at a super discounted rate.

Below is a set of organizers that I loved. They would be great for a home office. The brown faux leather exterior was very classic, but the interior paisley pattern was so fun and colorful. If we were in the process of putting together a home office right now, I may have snatched them up.

One item I could not resist were these large wooden letters. I love lettered art. These were normally $12 each, but on sale for $5.99 each. I could have bought 20 of them.

The next few aisles (and by few, I mean 10-ish) were full of home decor items. Below are some silver candle holders that I adored. They were a combo of old classic style but with a modern finish. If I remember right, they were $6 each.

One aisle of the store was just full of dishes and serving items. Swoon.

I especially loved these vintage looking glass dishes. The green color was my favorite. They were just a couple dollars each.

Way up high on one of the shelves were 3 lantern candle holders. Lanterns like these could sell for $60-$150 at places like Pottery Barn. These were around $20-$40. I like the bronze iron finish.

The store had tables full of lamps. If I was planning to replace every lamp in my home, I'd start looking here. So many unique and creative options. Too bad I don't need a lamp right now...

Another section of the store was dedicated to artwork. I loved these bronzed iron panels. I immediately thought up several areas of the house that I could hang these. It was very tempting. I think they were on sale for $15 each. Oh so tempting, but I passed them by. Bye Bye Birdies.

The last area we went through was full of area rugs and furniture. See those 2 wood console tables on the floor level? I loved the one tucked back on the first shelf. It has a mission style to it and that combined with the color of wood would fit our living room perfectly. I even had a spot in mind to put it. It was solid wood with felt-lined drawers. The original price was about $600. It was on sale for $200. Alas, I didn't have $200 to spend. I pray this table lives here a while longer and maybe goes down in price even more so that it can become mine. We shall see.

After our 2 hour tour of the store, we checked out and joined the email list for information about new items, sales, and more. The lady who checked us out said they turn over merchandise about every 10 days. I told Joey we need to go shopping here every 10 days. He didn't think that was such a good idea. Whaaaa?

This new store will make a great place to shop for birthdays, Christmas, and other personal gifts for my female friends and family. My Christmas list is already growing... Pin It

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