March 29, 2011

Master Bedroom Curtains: A Whole New Direction

Warning: This is a long post. Stick with me.

Well, I've come to a decision regarding our Master Bedroom curtains. And much to my surprise (or not), I didn't choose any of the options I laid out for you in Friday's post (click HERE to review).

You see, once I was in the store, I realized that they had most of their "Home Essentials" brand fabrics on sale for $6.99 a yard - the cheapest option possible. And they had a great variety of patterns and colors. And only 1 of the fabrics I pre-selected fit this category. So, most of the fabrics were eliminated as soon as I decided I wanted to limit myself to these Home Essentials fabric options.

Now, I'm not lying when I say that my friend Chelsea and I spent a whopping 2 and 1/2 hours browsing fabric choices at JoAnn Fabrics on Sunday afternoon. And when we walked out, she had fabric to make curtains for her kitchen, and I had NOTHING! I mean, I got a lot of ideas to think about, but the fabric that really liked best didn't exist in large enough quantities to make the curtains. Boo.

Last night I made a second attempt and went to a different JoAnn Fabrics to see if they had the same fabric that I really liked, but in a larger quantity. The answer? Negative. Apparently everyone else likes that fabric as much as I did.

Hence, I came to a fork in the road and had to make a decision: Do I settle for my 2nd/3rd/4th favorite fabric that has the same color scheme (blues/green/whites), but different amounts of color, different patterns etc? Or do I go a whole new direction? I decided to walk the plank and take a leap of faith and go a whole new direction. I came to this conclusion as I was walking up and down the aisle with my handy little paint swatch (color "khaki") in hand, and I asked myself what colors just naturally looked great with the wall paint color. And certain fabric just jumped out at me over and over again. And I went with my gut reaction.

But before I show you the final fabric choice, I wanna take a quick look back at the other fabric options I was originally contemplating and explain further as to why they were not an option for the room.

Fabric 1: This was one of the Home Essentials fabrics on sale for $6.99/yard, and the store had large quantities of it, but the colors were completely wrong. What appears to be a white/cream color in this fabric is actually a light yellow color in person. And the green color is a very yellow-green in person. It looked like puke next to the wall color. Not good. I nixed it.

Fabric 2: $39.99 per yard. Eeek. Way out of my budget. Nixed.

Fabric 3: Also $39.99 per yard. Nixed.

Fabric 4: $34.99 per yard. And didn't really coordinate well with the wall color and scheme of room. Nixed.

Fabric 5: $34.99 per yard. Plus I decided stripes were not the way to go. I looked at a lot of striped options in a variety of colors and got bored quickly with all of them. Nixed.

Fabric 6: $74.99 per yard! OUCH! This is actually my favorite fabric I saw in person. And I would love to custom order a comfy chair in this pattern - if I had a lot of money. Nixed.

Fabric 7: I never could find this pattern in the store, but online it costs $29.99 per yard. Nixed.

Now that you've seen the bad, here's the good(s). My new crazy curtain fabric choice is officially called COURTYARD PUMPKIN! That's right, I'm going orange on you.

I couldn't find a picture of the fabric color on JoAnn's website (probably because the color/pattern combo is going out of print), but here's a picture of the fabric I was able to locate online.

Why do I love this fabric? Let me tell you:
  1. I just love this orange color. We used a paint color similar to this in a little house we rented for a while and I tell Joey over and over that I wish I could remember what paint color it was that we used because I LOVE IT.
  2. It's warm color. I like using warm colors for the bedroom. It adds the cozy factor.
  3. It's the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. The pumpkin orange is a bit more of masculine color, but the scroll pattern gives it some girl charm.
  4. It's all one solid color (two if you count the "white/cream") instead of a bunch of colors mixed together. I can mix-and-match a lot of other colors in the bedding/pillows/decor during the different seasons to coordinate with it.
  5. It just looks great with the khaki walls and dark brown bamboo shades. I couldn't get over how the colors draw themselves together.
  6. It's a bit modern, eclectic, unexpected. I'm branching out.
In addition to the curtain fabric, I bought a little extra pumpkin fabric to make a coordinating pillow cover for a pillow on the bed (not sure how to do that yet). And I bought a complimentary green fabric to make a another pillow for the bed. The green is a pretty shade (feminine), but has a geometric pattern (masculine) - another good compromise. I do want Joey to like the bedroom after all.

So, after hours and hours, I finally check out, went home to look at the fabric in the room, and I still love it.

I can't wait to see the curtains hung next to the brown matchstick shades...


Courtyard Pumpkin Fabric: approx 6.5 yards @ $6.99 per yard = $44.66
Geometric Green Fabric: 1/2 yard @ 6.99 per yard = $3.50
$50.81 Total

Do you get the new direction? Is it making sense to you at all? All I want to say is... Don't hate! Appreciate!

Next up? Curtain making time. This is where it gets interesting... Pin It

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