March 8, 2011

Not To Brag or Anything...

In case you didn't notice the beautiful home setting in which my sister's baby shower took place on Saturday, let me take time to brag and present to you a brief slide show of my parents' home (which they built just a few years ago). The place is still "coming together" so to speak, which I love, because every time we make a little trip to Michigan for a weekend visit, I get to see this-new-project or that-new-project that had been accomplished since that last time we were in town.

So, for those of you who don't have the opportunity to see my home-away-from-home in person, let me give you a small slice of the Colonial-style pie. I captured these pictures as we were on our way out the door Sunday...literally... so, it's just a few snapshots of items I love.

To start out, here is the bold entryway. The white picture molding on the bottom half of the walls was recently added and balances out the cranberry color on top. The pillars make it feel like a grand entrance. Cherry hardwood floors run the length of the foyer and extend into the kitchen next to it.

My parents designed many of the details of the house themselves, including this beautiful red-brick fireplace. The brick stands out nicely against the ivory colored walls. Gold and colonial blue colored furniture and accents fill the room.

The dentil molding around the mantel is especially lovely.

This bookcase is on a wall opposite the fireplace. I love my mother's collection of old books. I've encouraged her to will these to me someday...

The eat-in kitchen next to the living room and foyer has custom-built white cabinets with dentil molding around the top of the cabinets. Mom wanted to keep a few of the cabinets open for display of all her pretty things.

The glass cabinets also help the kitchen feel spacious.

In the dining part of the kitchen, is a wall with this little cubbie shelf. I covet my mom's cubbies. And her white pitchers. Is that bad?

Off the kitchen is a back hallway leading to the master bedroom, laundry room and garage. The hallway is painted a sage green and also accessorized beautifully.

Even though us 3 kids are grown and gone, we each have our "own room" when we come back to visit. This bedroom below happens to be my brother's room. My mom stepped outside her traditional-style comfort zone and went extra bold with the color choices in the room. She chose a mossy green for 3 of the walls and a burnt orange for the 4th wall.

You can see the accent wall below. The orange and green colors accent the beautiful photos hanging on the wall - all taken by my brother (who happens to be a photographer).

I love the green tab-top curtains hanging in the room. Mom, if you're reading this, where did you get those?

I think pocket doors should be a new standard in houses being built today. My parents used them in multiple places in the house, including the entrance into their Master bathroom and walk-in closet. Pocket doors save so much space compared to a door that swings in/out. And they're every bit as sturdy/private/sound-proof as a real door.

The Laundry Room is the most recent room that mom is starting to decorate. The room was painted a gold/green color. My dad just painted those shelves black and hung them with iron brackets. So, mom is starting to accessorize the shelves with all kinds of things. One of these days, she even plans to decoupage one wall in the room with an "autumn" theme.

Accessorizing is one of my mom's natural talents. I need to learn more of this from her.

Don't my parents have a beautiful home? Kids can brag about their parents just like parents can brag about their kids, right?

Well, I'm nothing if not biased! Pin It

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