March 1, 2011

Master Closet Makeover: Part 2

As a conclusion to yesterday's post, I wanted to give you some final shots of our master bedroom closet now that I got most items put in place and some final pictures taken.

P.S. I apologize for some poor picture/color quality - that's what happens when you work in the dark of night on projects and have incandescent light as your only light source. BUT I was able to sneak in a few pics this morning with the 6AM sunlight.

Oh, and bear with me - I took like a thousand photos. :)

Anyway, on to the RESULTS!

1. Hooks on the right wall: If you remember from yesterday, I said I had bought 10 large hooks to hang, but once I laid out my final design, I found out I actually needed 11 hooks - oops (!). Thankfully Joey picked me up 1 more $0.98 hook to finish the deal. Joey evenly spaced 6 hooks on top, and then put the 5 bottom hooks in between the spaces of the top hooks. The screws drilled right into the wall (no wall anchors used as I was not hanging anything heavy from them).

And then I hung my scarves and purses down on the bottom hooks. Joey's baseball caps went on the top hooks (with a little room to spare). Joey tells me "I need more Cubs hats" - to which I rolled my eyes and said "oh, please!"

I have to admit this was my favorite part. And it was so easy. Removing the bookcases made the area much more spacious. Nothing like a good before and after (and notice the outlet is now screwed into the wall with an outlet cover)...

2. Hooks to the left of the door: Here is where I had Joey place the 3 smaller hooks I purchased along with a little necklace holder I had purchased a while back from Ikea (gotta use what you have). I hung Joey's belts from the lower hooks.

3. That little built-in desk: I admit I am still at a bit of a loss as to what to do here. For now, I used it to store some random stuff, but I think long term I want to find better use for it, including give it a good makeover using paint. Until then, it holds a basket with some of my girly DVDs, my current reading material, Bible, journals, 2 bins that hold our socks, and some left over items underneath...

...I would actually like to place a little leather ottoman in front of the desk. I could use it to sit down to put my socks on and it would cover up the disaster behind it. Something like this from Target...

4. Dresser + Accessories (Rug, Mirror, Light Fixture, Bamboo Roman Shades): The dresser is actually an old one that Joey has had forever. We're using it because it's free, it actually blends in with the room, and all the drawers open and close!

And I love all these little accessories I bought...

The rug keeps my feet from being cold. The mirror allows me to put on my earrings without stabbing myself, and the shade provides great privacy as well as keeping cold/heat out (these old windows are kinda drafty).

I set some of my accessories on top of the dresser, including lotion, perfume, and jewelry boxes. And the bird jewelry dish is from Pottery Barn (where else?!). I got it for Christmas and can finally put it to use.

Here's a daylight pic I snuck in this morning. So, bright and sunshine-y.

Sorry, I didn't get a close up of the light fixture. But you can kind of see it in this Before and After picture...

Standing out in the bedroom looking into the closet is marvelous. Apart from my kitchen, having an organized bedroom/closet is on top of my priority list. Gotta have peace all around me when resting in bed!

So, what do you think? Big improvement for $48? I love it! Even Joey said he likes it. And it takes a lot to get a guy excited about a closet. ;)

Now I just need to decide what else to do about that little desk... hmmm...

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