March 2, 2011

Welcome to March

Even if it is a day late!

February 1 brought us a Blizzard. Thankfully, March's entrance was a little tamer. And hopefully by April 1, spring will be well under way (cross your fingers). I know the month of March will usher in the process of changing over the house from "winter" to "spring" decor, and in light of that idea, I thought I'd browse around for what's new and fresh out there in the design world (helps put me in the spring mood)! So, I figured I'd start with none other than my favorite decor showcase - Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn has over 100 NEW items for spring! Most items are listed in their March 2011 catalog. I'm gonna pick out 10 or so of the items I love, but mostly showcase the beautiful rooms and landscapes surrounding them.

1. Floral Blocked Rug and Single Stem Tapered Drum Lamp
The blues and greens in these 2 items scream "spring"! And I love those big windows letting in all that natural sunshine. What a great workspace this would be.

2. Lyndsay Paisley Duvet Cover & Sham
Another potential option for our new bedding choice. Again, I just love my blues and greens. And I always love Paisley patterns!

3. Lucca Single Mini Sink Console - Antique White
I heart yellow beadboard. And this antique looking sink console is just beautiful. The big windows on either side bring in great light. Oh, how I long for sunny, spring days and luscious green trees.

4. London Sconce
The sconce is pretty, but actually one of the least noticeable items in this picture. But I loved the picture too much not to post it. The cedar shake siding is fabulous (albeit expensive). And I like the white wood door.

5. Camille Mirror
Gotta add a little rustic wood into the mix. This room gives a warm spring vibe - once again showing off lots of light through all those windows!

6. Label Hardware
Not really spring-related per say, but still NEW (and I love it). This would be PERFECT for a Home Office desk or storage cabinet. So versatile.

7. Bird Salad Plate and Bird House Salt and Pepper Shakers
I'd be remiss not to enter a "bird" theme into the list. And the bird-list could go on and on with this table setting. Thank you, Pottery Barn, for indulging my love of birds with your spring decor!

8. Weatherby Pergola
This waaaay expensive ($3000), but oh so pretty. The hanging lanterns add charm. And I would love to sit outdoors in the warm sunshine and stare at the water right about now. This pergola would be a great DIY item.

9. Easter Entertaining
PB has a nice variety of Easter-y items this year. So cute.

10. Mitchell Cubby Organizers
I saved my FAVORITE new item for last! I would love love love to have this in my house - and decked out with all the beautiful items placed in each cubby. This would actually be a great DIY item as well. And you'd only spend a fraction of the cost to build it yourself. I need to have a conversation with my husband about this item...

Thanks for swooning with me!

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