March 18, 2011

Purchases, Pretties, Parties, and Surprises

1. Purchases
During Monday's blog post, I mentioned to you that I had purchased a few treasures last Friday night while shopping (in addition to the matchstick roman shades for our bedroom). Well, I wanted to quickly show you the few little items I purchases with some birthday cash.

I went to Pier1 and spent over an hour looking at everything in the store. Once I looked at everything possible and had come full circle back to the front of the store, I went back for the few little items I decided to purchase - I just couldn't walk away from them. (I swear men will never understand the concept of looking at EVERYTHING before buying THE THING(s) you want most. That's why I don't go shopping with men. Usually.)

My first item of purchase was a set of 2 wall frames. I loved these when I first saw them. In fact, I may go buy a second set.

I purchased the frames in white, but I included a pic of them in black for you because you can see the details a little better that way. I haven't decided what pictures to frame yet - whether it be people-I-know pictures or some other kind of artsy pictures. We'll see...

I love that you can see the wall through the scroll detail. This will show off the paint color in whatever room I use them. I love that they look like art work, and not just a frame. I love that they take up wall space. My poor walls are so naked in many rooms and need to be covered with things like this.

Original Price - $32
Sale - $25.60

Second item of purchase was just $5. It was a bird plate. If you know me (or read this blog enough), you know I love my birdies. I won't use this as an actual plate. This will get hung on a wall somewhere in our green living room. While I purchased the plate in green, I thought I'd share you the other two colors they offered - yellow and red. I maybe have to go back and buy another green one.

Third item of purchase was just a little container of sand - on sale for $3.50. I'm going to use it as vase filler for decoration...actually working on that project already. Sorry, I couldn't find a picture online for ya, but I think you know what I mean.

I found a ton of beautiful items in other stores as well, but didn't buy anything else yet. So, I still have a little spending cash leftover.

2. Pretties
On Wednesday, I had a lovely day off work and went shopping with my mom and sister. I did window shopping only, but found some lovely things I wanted to show off.

Crate & Barrel stuff...

Pottery Barn had tables and tables and shelves and shelves full of sea-shore/beachy stuff. I could have bought it all in preparation for summer. I loved it.

3. Parties
I would like to wish my wonderful husband a very happy 28th birthday today! Thanks, Joey, for all your handy help. Where would this house (or blog) be without all your hard work? I love you.

4. Surprises
I came home yesterday and found little green things sprouting up around the outside of the house. I don't know when they decided to show up, but I guess that means it's time to think about landscaping!

My goodness we need to rake and clean up the yard!

Whew! That was long. Happy Weekend!

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