December 21, 2010

Call Me "Copy-Cat"

About a week and a half ago, I shared with you a concept about stealing (ahem, borrowing) Christmas decorating ideas from other people and using them in your home. One of the ideas that was extremely popular was this one from The Lettered Cottage (aka TLC)...

... which shows Christmas ornaments hung in front of a pretty mirror. A few of you inquired about how this was accomplished and as TLC explained: "By the way, we hung the ones from the ceiling with white, flat-headed thumb tacks and 8 lb. fishing line."

Well, this particular idea was my favorite as well. And so, I implemented it this weekend!

After I finished decorating that bookcase in our bedroom, I asked Joey, "Do you by any chance have some clear fishing line?" And he gave my a sly look (knowing what I was scheming) and looked in his tool box and FOUND some! Ha! I was giddy. Then I found some flat thumb tacks with our office supplies and went to work.

So, in this blog post yesterday, I shared with you that in addition to decorating the bookcase, I hung some red snowflake ornaments in front of our bedroom windows...

... and I did it using the same technique as TLC (but putting the thumb tacks into the top of the window trim rather than the ceiling)... But I didn't stop there! The next day I did some additional decorating in the kitchen using the same concept.

I wanted to decorate the kitchen in a winter theme - similar to what I had used in the dining room, and I had some leftover silver ball ornaments that I wanted to hang in front of our kitchen windows.

So, I took the fishing line and thumb tacks and hung them from the window trim in here as well. I cut the fishing line to different sizes for variety. They glisten in the sunlight.

Here's an up-close shot. During the day, the fishing line is nearly invisible unless you get right up next to it. It's a little more visible at night when we have our pendant lights shining down right on it. But that's ok. It's still pretty.

In addition to the ornaments, I added a few items to the window sill. Included was a trifle bowl and 2 crackled-glass votive holders that I placed on either side.

The trifle bowl is normally used for serving food, but I use it for decorating more than anything. I filled with fake "snow", real pine cones, and some vase filler that included smaller, silver, glittery pine cones and little glittery balls and twigs.

Here you can see the bigger picture. I like that this was super easy to accomplish in a very short period of time. The kitchen decorating has been on the bottom of the priority pile for me. So, this just added a great festive touch.

I also hung a few ornaments in front of the smaller window over the kitchen sink.

So sparkly and fun!

I need to tuck this idea away in my long-term memory file. I could do something like this every Christmas (and expand the idea to incorporate other holidays). I love it! Pin It

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