December 20, 2010

Ornament(s) of the Day: Us

For today, I thought I share with you a random variety of ornaments that Joey and I have collected over the last few years we've been married. They represent "us".

This first ornament is made of wood and painted to look like a denim stocking holding a few tools.

2 things to note on this stocking:
  1. Written on the stocking are the words "Do It Yourself this Christmas!"
  2. A little book sticking out of the top of the stocking reads "Home Improvement Made Easy"
How appropriate are those 2 quotes for our first-time-home-buying year that included many DIY-Home Improvement projects?!

The next ornament is personal to me! It's a Green Bay Packer football-snowman!

Being the Bears fan that he is, Joey doesn't appreciate the ornament like I do.

Go Pack Go!

These next 2 ornaments are commonly found at the Target/Walmart-type places of the world - little snowman-jingle bells with our names written on them...

The last ornament is for the 3rd member of our family - my kitty (aka big, fat tabby cat) - Spike. I love the little Santa hat on the kitty's head.

No matter how cheesy, you gotta leave room for some personal ornaments on the tree! Pin It

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