December 8, 2010

Stealing Ideas

Being the blog junkie that I am, I love to check out what kinds of Christmas-y ideas other bloggers are setting up in their homes and then steal - or, uh, borrow - their ideas!

While I don't usually copy exactly what others create, I am often inspired to re-create something similar - just using different colors or accessories or whatever.

So here is a shout out to my fellow bloggers and a few of the ideas that I really liked while visiting their sites...

Blog 1: Just A Girl

I thought this mantle was really pretty. Very natural looking. I love the softness of the white fluffy wreath and the very natural-looking bows of garland.

On either side of the wreath - those candle looking things - those are actually glass vases covered in sweater sleeves (she actually took old sweaters and cut the sleeves off and slipped them around the vases). This gives the vases a soft, natural look - with a little design from the sweater pattern. Clever, right?

Blog 2: Brooklyn Limestone

I love this glittery "banner" of cut-out letters for the divider between 2 rooms. The light from the chandelier behind it makes the letters glow. If I get some time in the next week or so, I might try something like this to hang between my living room and dining room.

Blog 3: Young House Love

I love how John and Sherry stacked wrapped "presents" on either end of the mantle - and then topped them with a little decorative item. They wrapped empty boxes (as opposed to using real presents) so that they can re-use these boxes in later years if they want to. And while I won't be using the same color scheme they used, I may consider getting some really pretty brown/red/green/gold paper and ribbon and wrapping my own boxes to stack in the living room or den.

Blog 4: Restored Style

I love this table-scape. The jug with the twigs 'n' red berries is beautiful. I love the glass hurricanes around the candlesticks along with the natural, wood-looking pillar candles. According to the blog, most of the items were purchased at Pier 1.

I just might have to go purchase me some glass hurricanes this weekend!

Blog 5: The Lettered Cottage

I love this mantle! The ornaments hanging from the ceiling - and reflecting in the mirror - are gorgeous. I also like the look of stocking variety - rather than the same stocking for everyone. And since this fireplace is not used to burn wood, I like the creativity of setting trunks/boxes/presents inside for interest.

So many creative ideas to steal from, eh?

Well, I am still in the process of decorating our home for the holiday season, but hopefully, I'll have some shots for ya in the next couple days! Stay tuned. Pin It

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