December 8, 2010

Ornament(s) of the Day: Ice Skates

Since I was a young girl, I have loved ice skating in the winter time. At one point in elementary school, I even took ice skating lessons! So, I have collected a few ornaments that reflect this interest of mine.

One of the interesting things about this tiny collection is that each skate ornament is made from a different material...

1. Blown Glass

I love this little red ice skate. The red color stands out against the green tree. I love the silver glitter that lines the skate. And the little white pom poms and fur around the top of the skate add a nice soft texture.

2. Clear acrylic

I don't even remember where/when I got this next ornament. It's a clear figurine of a child skating. I love the silver hat on top of his head.

3. Painted Wood

These skates are adorable. The base of the skate is wood painted in a green color that matches the tree perfectly - and I love the white snowflakes that are hand painted on them. The laces and strap to hang the ornament are made of brown leather. The blade on the bottom of the skate is metal. And there's a little bit of white cotton around the top. So many different materials in a little ornament. I love attention to detail.

4. White ceramic

This is actually my favorite ice skate ornament. I think the white ceramic is beautiful and stands out great against the green tree. It's an elegant ornament. And the bottom blade is silver - like a real skate!

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