December 18, 2010

Dining Room Decor: Wall #2

Here is Part 2 of my dining room decoration display. I had mentioned that there were 2 walls in the dining room in need of help. Part 1 of this post showed the wall next to the curio cabinet. In Part 2, we're moving to the wall on the opposite side of the room - another blank space that needed some help.

I started by taking 3 little shelves (they came in a set) and a silver beaded mirror that I already owned and arranging them on the floor. This gave me the best visual idea of what the set up would look like once hung on the wall. I set it up a couple of different ways and ultimately settled on this arrangement. I needed it to be fairly wide to take up the space on the wall.

Joey did the honors of hanging the shelves and mirror - making sure everything was centered on the wall and the shelves were level. Looks pretty good.

I then started by decorating the shelves. I had a variety of things to choose from and wanted to balance the colors and look of the shelf on the opposite wall. So, I chose to once again use some of my blue china and a few other silver and white objects.

The center shelf has 2 teacups and saucers displayed along with a little silver Christmas tree. The 2 side shelves each have a silver candlestick with a white candle, a little blue china plate, and a set of white ceramic bird-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

After getting the shelves decorated, I decided a little extra something was needed underneath the shelves.

So, under the center shelf, I hung a white, ceramic snowflake ornament.

And under each side shelf, I hung a pewter beaded frame. They coordinate perfectly with the mirror.

As you can see, I still need to put pictures in the frames. In keeping with the winter theme of the room, I'd like to find some pretty winter snow pictures to place in the frames. But at least I've got them on the wall where I want them.

I feel like the snowflake ornament and picture frames help balance out the display and pull everything together.

Next, I placed a white bench underneath the arrangement. The bench came with our table-set, but we have enough chairs for the table. So, I use the bench elsewhere.

I would like to get some pretty white/blue/silver pillows to put on the bench to give it a little more height and color.

Here's what the wall looks like from a wider point-of-view. You can see the chandelier light reflects in the mirror. So pretty.

Well, this room is 1 step closer to completion! The next big-ticket item the room needs is window treatments. These will really make the room feel finished in addition to adding some beautiful texture, pattern, and color.

I love my dining room. It's one of my favorite spaces to decorate in the house. And since I used a "winter" theme in the decor rather than a Christmas-y theme, I feel like I can leave most of the decor up through January. This gives us more time to enjoy it!

So, what do you think? Is it all starting to come together? I think so... Finally! Pin It

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