December 24, 2010

The Christmas Tree Room

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm savoring the last few days we'll have with our Christmas Tree and holiday decorations.

I added a few other festive touches to the den where the tree sits. And I wanted to post them for good measure.

I have some vintage keys I bought a while back at PotteryBarn. Eventually they will probably hang on the wall or in shadow boxes or something. But for now, I hung them with ribbon in each of the windows in the den.

Each key is a slightly different shape and size. Some are bronze and some are sage green. It adds a vintage touch.

In addition, I decorated the piano in the room.

I put a little green bird candle in front of the lamp.

In the center, I took a bronze vase I owned and stuck some pine picks in it - the pine cones were attached to the picks. I surrounded the vase with pine as well.

Lastly, I took this glass hurricane I own and put some yummy potpourri in the bottom and a sparkly dark green candle on top.

It all adds to the festiveness of Christmas...

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!

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