December 27, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

And we certainly had a white Christmas here in Kenosha! While driving home from our family gathering Saturday night, big white flakes began to grace us with their presence. Within the hour, there was an abundance of lake effect snow coming down. Only those within about 5-10 miles of Lake Michigan got blanketed with snow on Christmas night, and we were one of the lucky ones.

All in all, we got about 8 inches - most of which fell within about a 4 hour span. It was beautiful. And we a played in it like children (well, Joey shoveled and I took pictures).

The front of the house looked so pretty, with the Christmas tree shining through the front windows.

Here's a picture of the other street (since we're on a corner) and our driveway. You can't even see the road since it's covered in snow.

I took this picture through our living room window (hence you're looking through a screen). The picture includes one of the trees on the side of our property with the corner street light shining behind it.

Spike cried at the door to come out and join us in the fun. He took a look around and played it safe on the sidewalks for a bit...

...but I eventually threw him into a pile of snow to shake him up. He liked it for a while, but then just wanted to get back on dry ground again.

I sure wish the snow would stick around for a little while because I love my winter wonderland!

What a perfect way to end a Merry Christmas! Pin It

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